Foreign students

Activities carried out by the UO for students with disabilities:

– Extra foreign language classes
– Extra PE classes
– Adaptation of the teaching process
– Personal Assistant Programme

Personal Assistant Programme

Students at the University of Opole have the opportunity to be granted a personal assistant to a person with disabilities.

Who can be an Assistant? – Any student of the UO can become a personal assistant who will facilitate studying in various ways, depending on the needs.
Who can apply for a personal assistant? – Students of the University of Opole who have a certificate of disability from a competent authority.
What do you need to do? Just submit an application to our office and provide the necessary documents, and we will take care of the rest.

The assistance programme also works during distance learning, so any student with a disability who has problems finding their way in this mode of studying can contact us. An assistant will be happy to help you with organizational issues or other tasks.

Foreign language classes

The Office for People with Disabilities of the University of Opole has launched another project, under which students with a disability certificate can participate in additional foreign language classes. The classes are completely free of charge, and are adapted to students’ own timetable. Students can find more information by contacting our office directly.

PE classes

The Physical Education and Sports Centre runs PE classes for students with disabilities. Students taking part in the classes can obtain a credit for the PE course in this way. Classes are adapted to the degree and kind of disabilities of the participants. If you are interested in taking part in the classes, please contact the CPES office:

Adaptation of the teaching process

Students with disabilities, can also apply for an adaptation of the teaching process, which will help to prevent or solve emerging problems with remote learning. It may include:
– adapting the form of exams (e.g. changing from written to oral or vice versa)
– extending writing time for exams and tests;
– other types of adjustments during the academic year as well as during an examination period.



Registration document
Application for assistant
Application for position of assistant
Declaration on rules
Application for language classes